Restaurants Near Me Open Now

Looking for a nearby restaurant? We can help you with that. We’ve got the 411 on all the best restaurants in your neighborhood and beyond.

Sometimes using a map is the best way to figure out what to eat. We’ve all been there — you can’t decide, you’re hungry and you want to try something new — that’s when you grab your phone and Google “restaurants near me open now” hoping to find a hidden treasure.

The thing is … it usually works! Find your new favorite food spot today!

Restaurants Near Me

Food Near Me: Current Location

Here’s a bird’s eye view of all the restaurants in your area.

What restaurants are open near me?

Find what restaurants are open right now using map search around your exact proximity.

Restaurants Near Me

Restaurants Near Me for Dinner

Fast Food Places to Eat Near Me

Restaurants Near Me

If you’re looking for healthy food, you’re in luck — there are more restaurants than ever that cater to the healthy eating crowd. From smoothie shops to salad joints, you’ll find healthy fare that will satisfy your tastebuds.

Remember, though, you can make your food healthy anywhere you go. Don’t be afraid to ask your waiter for dressing on the side, extra vegetables, or for your food to be cooked without butter or oil. This way, even when you’re not a “healthy” place, you can still eat healthy!

Get your burger lettuce wrapped, skip the bread basket, fill up on water and unsweetened ice tea rather than high-calorie drinks and you’ll stay ahead of the game.