Private Piano Lessons Near Me

Do you have a mini-Mozart in your household? If you’re thinking about enrolling your child or teen in piano lessons, there are plenty of piano teachers in the area. There are also teachers skilled at working with adult beginners if you yourself are the person interested in tickling the ivories.

If you’ve been asking yourself “how do I get my child started with private piano lessons near me,” you’ve come to the right place. Find local teachers and other information about piano lessons here!

Piano Lessons Near Me

Piano Lessons Near Me: Mapped

Use this map to find professional piano teachers in your area!

Piano Lessons (for Adults) Near Me

You’re never too old to take up piano! Whether you’re just starting out or picking back up, there’s a piano teacher near you who works with adults.

Take your piano skills the next level with a piano teacher in your area.

Piano Lessons Near Me

How Much Do Piano Teachers Charge?

On average, piano teachers in the U.S. charge between $15 and $40 for a thirty-minute lesson. Expect to pay more for teachers with more experience. It’s a wise investment — studies have repeatedly shown kids and teens who are involved in music perform better in school and on academic testing, as well as having less behavioral problems.

How Many Hours a Day Should I Practice Piano?

For piano students under six, 10-20 minutes of daily piano practice is sufficient. For older students and adult beginners, 45-60 minutes of daily piano practice is ideal. Try to stay focused and remember to take breaks.