Top Orthodontist Near Me and Invisalign Near Me

Looking for an orthodontist to enhance your smile? Whether you’re interested in traditional braces, Invisalign, or adjusting an asymmetrical bite or jaw, there are plenty of local orthodontists to help you achieve your dream smile.

Have you been wondering “where’s a top orthodontist near me?” or Googling “Invisalign near me?” Use the map below to find top orthodontists nearby!

Orthodontist Near Me

How To Choose An Orthodontist

Use this checklist to help you find the right orthodontist near you:

  • get recommendations from your dentist, friends and family
  • verify the orthodontist is Board Certified
  • check out the orthodontist’s reviews online
  • check out the orthodontist’s website
  • find out if the orthodontist takes your insurance

What Is A Board Certified Orthodontist?

When people think of an orthodontist, they usually think of braces. An orthodontist, however, does more than fix crooked smiles.

An orthodontist is a dentist who has gone on to specialize in teeth and jaw alignment. This includes in fixing underbites and overbites, correcting teeth that are overcrowded, closing gaps in teeth, and restructuring of the teeth, lips and jaw for aesthetics. Becoming an orthodontist involves several years of additional postgraduate study.

The American Board of Orthodontics is the only board recognized by the American Dental Association. Orthodontists must complete hundreds of hours to demonstrate their expertise and ability to provide the very highest level of patient care. To receive board certification, orthodontists must also complete written exams and clinical exams, as well as peer review. Orthodontists must also renew their certification every ten years.

What is Invisalign?

Just like traditional braces, Invisalign straightens your teeth. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign does not involve any metal. Clear material that is custom-fitted to your mouth aligns your teeth into place.

Does Medicaid Cover Braces?

Medicaid covers braces for patients 21 years old and under for whom braces are deemed medically necessary.