Martial Arts Classes Near Me

Kick it into high gear with martial arts classes near you! From American karate to Brazilian jiu-jitsu, aikido to judo, you’ve come to the right place to find all the local martial arts classes. Stop Googling “martial arts classes near me” and check out the map below.

Martial Arts Classes Near Me for Adults

Martial arts classes aren’t just for kids. Most studios offer martial arts classes for adults.

Kickboxing Near Me

Kickboxing is a great martial arts class to take if your aim is to learn and focus on self-defense. Kickboxing blends karate, muay thai, kun khmer and boxing to a powerhouse self-defense skill. Kickboxing is also great exercise and will keep you in shape!

Boxing Clubs Near Me

Boxing is a full-body workout that challenges your physical and mental strength. Spar with a worthy component while taking your fitness to the next level.

“Boxing is the ultimate challenge. There’s nothing that can compare to testing yourself the way you do every time you step in the ring,” said Olympian and professional boxer Sugar Ray Leonard.

Ready to test yourself? Then it’s time to find a boxing club near you.

Which Martial Art is Best for Self Defense?

Muay thai is often cited as the very best martial art for self defense. Hailing from Thailand and known as the “art of eight limbs,” muay thai uses hands, shins, elbows and knees as weapons to take down any opponent.

Other popular martial arts for self defense include Brazilian jiu jitsu, wing chun, aikido, krav maga, Japanese jujitsu and taekwondo.