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What are Different Alcohols Made From?

Alcohol | Made From

  • Gin: distilled rye + juniper berries
  • Vodka: distilled fermented wheat mash
  • Rum: distilled cane juice
  • Whiskey: distilled grain or potatoes
  • Tequila: distilled fermented Agave juice.
  • Brandy: distilled wine or fermented fruit juice
  • Wine: grapes
  • Beer: hops

Why is Liquor Called a Spirit?

Hard liquor is made through a distillation process, and when the liquor is distilled it releases a vapor. Vapor looks like a spirit, and thus the term “spirit” came to be associated with hard liquor such as gin, vodka, rum, whiskey, brandy and tequila.

What Types of Sparkling Wine Are There?

In addition to Champagne, the sparkling wine family includes the Italian prosecco, Cava from Spain and Sekt from Germany. There are also American sparkling wines and French sparkling wines from regions other than Champagne.

What Makes the Bubbles in Champagne and Sparkling Wine?

The bubbles that give champagne and sparkling wine their signature pop come from C02 gas that is trapped in the liquid during the fermentation process. Bring on the bubbly!