Find a Pet Fish Store Near Me

On the market for a pet fish? You’ll find Nemo (who, incidentally, is a percula clownfish) at one of the local fish stores. If you’ve been Googling “fish store near me,” the map below will help you find all the fish stores in the area where you can find your new pet.

fish store near me

Tropical Fish Store Near Me | Saltwater Fish Store Near Me: Mapped View

For the closest pet stores “near me” that sell fish, search nearby by performing a quick map or voice search and discover mapped results around your exact location. Take a pet fish home today!

Do I Need a Heater for My Tropical Fish Tank?

Yes. Tropical fish need a heater in their aquarium to keep the water at a nice, warm temperature. Most tropical fish swim most happily when their water is heated to 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

fish store near me

What Kind of Fish are Easy to Take Care Of?

Betta fish are incredibly easy — they don’t require a heater or a large tank. Drop ’em in a glass bowl and you’re basically good to go, aside from feeding and cleaning. In addition to betta fish, guppies, angelfish, tetras and the classic goldfish.