Daycare Near Me for Infants and Children

Need someone to watch your littles? There are plenty of reputable daycare centers, preschools and pre-kindergartens in your area that are well-equipped to take care of babies and toddlers in a safe, loving and educational environment. Use the map below to find “daycare centers near me.”

Daycare Near Me

Day Care Centers Near Me and Preschools Near Me: What’s the Difference Between Daycare and Preschool?

Wondering what’s the difference between daycare and preschool? Good question. Daycare centers usually offer more hours than preschool. And while daycare includes infant, baby and toddler care, preschool is typically for ages 3 and up.

If your child is less than 5, they’re too young to start kindergarten, but they might be ready for preschool. Unlike daycare centers, preschools must be licensed and the teachers must have completed some early childhood education courses at college.

Other than that, however, there’s not a major difference. Both preschool and daycare are meant to provide children with socialization, education and foundation for kindergarten.

Questions to Ask Daycare Provider

Not all daycare centers are created equally. Determine which is one is right for you and your family by asking the following questions during your daycare center interview:

  • What is the child-to-teacher ratio?
  • What is your policy for sick children?
  • What is the parent visitation policy?
  • How is the child’s day structured?
  • What food is served?
  • What methods does the school use to make sure germs don’t spread?

In addition to asking questions of the daycare center, make sure to check out their reviews online and get a feel for their reputation among other parents in your community.

How Much Does Daycare Cost?

On average, studies show that most families pay $186 a week for daycare. Comparitively, a private nanny would cost $475 a week.