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Looking for a CPA or tax professional? Whether you’re taking on your taxes or arranging bookkeeping for your business, you can use the map below if you’ve been Googling “tax CPA near me.” Find qualified tax professionals in your area!

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Small Business Accountants Near Me

Small business owners have so many responsibilities and tasks to take care of — sometimes it makes the most sense to hire a small business accountant to handle financial matters. Small business accountants are skilled in handling tasks including: paying vendors; signing checks; preparing and sending invoices; processing and reviewing payroll; approving tax payments; analyzing inventory status; balancing the business checkbook; reviewing projected cash flow, and so much more.

What does CPA stand for?

A CPA stands for certified public accountant.

CPA vs. Accountant

A CPA (certified public accountant) must pass a series of rigorous exams and complete advanced education. CPA’s are more familiar with tax laws than most tax accountants. Another major difference between a CPA and an accountant is that a CPA is able to represent you before the IRS in the event of an audit.

What is the purpose of a trust fund?

A trust fund is typically set up to provide financial security to a beneficiary. The beneficiary can be an individual, individuals or a charity.

Often times, trust funds are set up to avoid complications or excessive taxing in the event of a death.

Do trusts have to pay taxes?

In most cases, the beneficiary of a trust has to pay tax on the interest earned on a trust, rather than the grantor of the trust.