Auto Mechanic Shops Near Me and Mechanic Garages Near Me

In need of car repair? Whether you’ve found yourself in a major accident or a minor fender bender, you’ll need a honest, experienced mechanic to fix up your car. If you’re wondering “where are the best auto mechanic shops near me?” start with the map below.

This map shows all the “mechanic garages near me” that you’ll want to call. Good luck!!!

Cheap Body Shop Near Me

If you’re looking to stretch your dollar and find a cheap body shop, it takes more than just Googling “cheap body shop near me.” Take the time to call 3-5 auto mechanics in your area to find out what the repair you’re looking for is going to cost. Determine an average and go from there.

How Do You Find A Good Mechanic? 5 Ways to Find a Good Mechanic

Want to find a good mechanic? There are honest, affordable, qualified auto mechanics out there. Get strategic and use this checklist to find a good mechanic!
1. Ask your family and friends for their recommendations. This is one of the easiest ways to start your mechanic search, and often yields several potential mechanics. Seriously, who can you trust more than your family and friends?
2. Ask for recommendations on social media. Just like asking your family and friends, posting “Hey, where’s a good auto body repair shop near me” is going to give a great list of possibilities.
3. Check out Yelp and other peer-reviewed sites. Look for a mechanic who has a lot of good reviews.
4.Verify that the mechanic is Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified. ASE-certified mechanics must pass written tests, demonstrate knowledge and have years of experience.
5. Last but not least, call up the auto body shop. Ask all the questions you like and get a feel for the mechanic who’s going to get under your hood.

How Do You Fix Hail Damage on a Car? 5 DIY Ways to Fix Hail Damage

If you want to fix hail damage yourself, there’s actually an easy do-your-itself method. Believe it or not, heat can often fix that hail damage right up!

1. Leave your car out in the sun for as long as possible. The heat from the sunshine will cause the metal to expand and those dents will probably pop right out.

2. Sun not shining? You can also take a hair dryer and blow dry the dents.

3. Pour on some boiling water and a toilet plunger!

4. Another option is to apply dry ice. On the other side of the temperature spectrum, this can also cause the dents to pop out.

4. Still stuck? Most auto parts stores care kits to get out hail damage.